Hunter Elementary School (End of Year Celebration)

During the year, snacks were provided for three students at Hunter Elementary School by the Education Committee. To celebrate the end of the year, Delicados Elizabeth Chance, Brenda Jeffreys, Carolyn Penny, and Wiladean Thomas enjoyed delivering various items (snacks, educational games, McDonald gift cards, and toys) for our children to use over the summer. A special dessert was also prepared by Delicado Elizabeth Chance for the 2nd grade team (teachers/assistants) and administration.

Little Free Library Receives African Books

On March 10, 2022, Delicado Sisters Lillar Barnes, La Verne Lane, and Carolyn Penny delivered 130 books to support the community’s Little Free Library located on Crosslink Road in Raleigh. The library provides free reading materials and an area designated for browsing, selecting, reading, and sharing of ideas. Ms. Fabette Smith is the founder and curator of this library. It also offers family involvement and the opportunity to take books home and return them. The African American books shared by the Delicado Sisters included a wide range of ages (Kindergarten-Adults) and a variety of topics. We hope that you visit this library and donate books that you want to share.

Hunter GT Magnet Elementary School Tutorial


February 14, 2022, the Education Committee visited Hunter GT Magnet Elementary School to take school snacks and Valentine’s Day surprises for second grade students to Jennifer Tymkin’s classroom. This tutorial program has been for 14 years at Hunter. Because of COVID-19 we can no longer go in the classroom as tutors. The teacher suggested providing snacks for the students throughout the year. Every three months we provide 150 snacks for three students in her classroom. February Wilma Keith Jackson and Elizabeth Chance did the shopping for the snacks and Valentine’s Day surprises. The surprises were a 350-coloring design booklet with 8 magic markers, and a heart treat of M&M candies taped to the side of the book. A thank you note was written to the chapter from the classroom teacher. Carolyn Penny is the contact to Hunter for this project. Other members involved are Wiladean Thomas and Brenda Jeffreys.